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Giving to St Mark's

 As a local church, St Mark’s relies almost exclusively on the financial support of its members. We believe that giving honours God with our money and brings a blessing in our lives.
You can give to St Mark’s in a variety of ways:

Through a monthly Standing Order

This is the best and easiest way to support St Mark’s financially. A Standing Order only takes a few moments to set up and means you will give a regular amount to St Mark’s every month without any further effort.

Through the Envelope Scheme

The Envelope Scheme allows you to commit to give regularly to St Mark’s, but you can vary the amount depending on your income.

Through the Offering

We take an offering during our Morning Service. There is also an Offering Box at the back of the church.


You can give to St Mark’s by sending a text (SMS) message to 70070
To donate £2 text:  SMKG15£2
To donate £5 text:  SMKG15£5
To donate £10 text: SMKG15£10

Can you GiftAid your Giving?

If you are a tax payer you can also add GiftAid to your donation by responding to the text message receipt you will receive. All text donations are free, you just pay the cost of your donation. Thank you.
For more information about giving to St Mark’s, or if you need any help setting up a Standing Order or filling in one of the forms, please speak to:
St Mark’s Treasurer: Glyn Allen
St Mark’s Gift Aid Secretary: John Beck
Thank you!