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Friendship Sermon Series 

Jul - Aug 2021

We have produced a booklet to accompany the new Friendship sermon series, which contains bible readings and questions. You can use the material in your small groups, trios or on your own.
Click here to download the PDF booklet. 
Friendship Booklet Cover
Or click here for the booklet in plain text .doc format. 

WEEK 1 | David and Hushai | Introduction

WEEK 2 | Abraham and Lot | Commitment

WEEK 3 | Elijah and Elisha | Friends as Mentors

WEEK 4 | Moses and Aaron | Complimentary Gifts

WEEK 5 | Ruth and Naomi | Loyalty

WEEK 6 | Job | Friends With Good Intentions

WEEK 7 | Elijah | Unlikely Allies

WEEK 8 | Paul and Timothy | Encouragement

WEEK 9 | David and Jonathan | Sacrificial love

WEEK 10 | Being the friend Jesus wants us to be