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Teaching Session #4 - 10 September 2017

The book of James
Main speaker - Stephen Greasley (Minister, Gillingham Baptist Church)
Leader for the evening - Graham Wilkins


Stephen writes:

“The letter of James was, for many years, regarded with grave suspicion by Protestant Evangelicals. Martin Luther once described it as “the gospel of straw” and declared that he could not find Christ within its pages.  James’ reference to salvation by works rang alarm bells in many quarters. But in this study I will argue that properly understood, the letter of James provides a superb challenge to Christians everywhere to imbed the teachings of Jesus.

Under the title, “Practical Christianity” I will explore how the writer of this important New Testament letter is deeply concerned that what Christians do is just as important as what they say.  Under the headings of ‘Personal holiness’, ‘right relationships’ and ‘social righteousness’ I will tease out the implications for Christians living in today’s society.  And in a challenge to all our churches here in Medway I will help us to examine our relevance to our neighbourhoods and get us thinking about the sort of difference Christian congregations should be making in the places where we are found.”


Bible teaching - Stephen Greasley


Comments and Discussion - led by Graham Wilkins and Stephen Greasley