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Teaching Session #5 - 12 November 2017

The book of Ruth
Main speaker - Tim Barrow
Leader for the evening - Bernie Pinner


 Tim writes:

“The book of Ruth, written at the time of King David or Solomon, is a story drawn from the period of Judges which speaks to our contemporary issues with timeless godly truth and application. A drama, set in troubled times when, '....everyone did as he saw fit in his own eyes', it tells of a refugee family fleeing hardship, and how Ruth, a migrant lady, is used of God to affect both local community and eternity with an unusual infusion of Christ-like love and loyalty. 
Obviously, it would be good if anyone coming could read the four short chapters in preparation...



Bible teaching - Tim Barrow


Comments and Discussion - led by Bernie Pinner

PowerPoint presentation to go with the teaching
Text version of the PowerPoint presentation