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Teaching Session #27 -12 January 2020

Q & A Evening
Speakers on the panel - Peter Guinness, David Wilkins, Graham Wilkins

Leader for the evening and Question Master - Rob Byrne

This evening had a panel of speakers who answered questions from a biblical perspective, and about the Bible itself.  Once the panel answered any question, it was open to the floor for follow-up and challenge on each question.
There were far more questions than we could look at in one evening, and in the end we only managed 4, but at least 3 of them were pretty big questions!
As the whole evening was taken up with the Q and A, the audio has been edited into 2 parts to make it more manageable.

Resources from the session:


             Part 1 including introduction        
                - Question 1 on the inerrancy of the Bible (how literal is it)
                - Question 2 on marriage and divorce

             Part 2  
                - Question 3 on spiritual gifts and their relevance today
                - Question 4 (given that Christmas has only just passed) on whether angels have wings!