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Teaching Session #2 - 11 June 2017

The book of Hebrews   
        main speaker - Graham Wilkins
        leader for the evening - Bernie Pinner


Why Hebrews?
This is a book of the Bible that can be a difficult read; it seems quite repetitive and talks about Old Testament things in a very Jewish way, much of which can seem incomprehensible unless you know your Old Testament very well.  Yet its focus is Jesus - Jesus in the context of his society, his roots and prophecy.

During this session, I hope I have been able to make Hebrews more understandable and accessible.  I hope everyone will now take the time to read Hebrews thoroughly and find it's treasures for themselves.

Graham Wilkins



Audio recording of the teaching

Teaching Notes

PowerPoint presentation

Powerpoint presentation in text form   (if you cannot access Powerpoint on your device)

Homework! More ideas on making Hebrews relevant