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Teaching Session #26 - 8 December 2019

The Book of Genesis
Main speaker - Bernie Pinner and Graham Wilkins
Leader for the evening - The main speakers!

Graham and Bernie write:
Genesis is probably the most difficult book of the Bible to study - it is quite obscure in places, and although it contains many of the best known stories in the Old Testament, they stretch the imagination.  The story of creation and the fall is a battle ground for many with strong opinions.  How much is literal? How should we understand the obscure and frankly hard-to-believe passages?  What is God saying through this book, and how relevant is it to our understanding of Jesus and God’s plan of salvation?
We’ll try to unpack Genesis in an easy, accessible way and try not to be too controversial whilst doing it.  We’re sure there will be lively discussion for the second half of the evening!

Bring your Bibles and your insatiable curiosity along (ask us lots of questions). Free tea and coffee are available throughout.


Resources from session:


         Genesis part I - Graham Wilkins          Graham's projection as a pdf file

         Genesis part II - Bernie Pinner        

         Comments and Discussion audio