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Teaching Session #50 - Sunday 11th September 2022 6.30pm
The Book of Deuteronomy

Main speaker - David Wilkins 
Host for the evening - Graham Wilkins

David writes:
"Deuteronomy is the last will and testament of Moses. 120 years old, and with the people of Israel about to head into the promised land it’s time for Moses (now stepping down as leader) to take stock of where they are, how they got there and where they might be going.
For many, Deuteronomy is a slow read of a book that is all monologue, interspersed with information, but this is a great reminder of how much God has done for the people of Israel and how impossible it is to live up to the standards set for us by the God of the universe. But however far we fail there is always hope. On Sunday 11 September we will take apart this book that is puzzling but nonetheless filled with hidden treasures."


Resources after the session: 

       Video of Bible teaching
       Audio of Bible teaching
       Comments and Discussion video
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